Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


The current trend, most people using internet-based channels like smartphones, Laptops and desktop computers mostly hang on a search engine and social media websites looking for information and communication. ProPlus Logics is a best digital marketing company in Coimbatore, we promote your product and services to those most required users and spectators discovered on the search engine and social media for lead generation and performing campaigns, Digitally. In a digital way we have To Reach your audience then we have to find the SERP results with the high volume of density and traffic that will keep your marketing executives busy. ProPlus Logics is a reputed digital marketing company in Coimbatore, we work with the combination of technology, advertising, and creativeness. In ProPlus Logics our digital marketing solutions deliver that we have always ready after doing a cautious study of user’s activities that contain,

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Online Advertising
  • Content Management
  • Lead Generation
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • WhatsApp Promotion
  • Bulk SMS


FOCUS Oriented

ProPlus Logics digital marketing efforts are Focus oriented, where, we focus on the Lead Generation Performance after cautious study of the website SEO architecture and routing impacting over user conduct. ProPlus Logics will always look into the client’s perception of the best ROI (Return on Investment) and profit expansion using the set of Digital marketing tools.


Morally Done

ProPlus Logics is always deriving and bring out the best Digital Marketing solution in Coimbatore results, We use the best tactics and most genuine and moral SEM and SEO that provides the best search engine outcome and results it will lead to a better traffic expansion. We have 5+ years of experience in working with SEO technologies and we always hold the latest update on the most used search engine.


Productive Push

ProPlus Logics is a Productive digital marketing company in Coimbatore, In Coimbatore the Digital Marketing efforts we are backed with an inventive methodology of complete Digital marketing solution of Content Writers, website designers, Photographers, videographers, and graphic Designers that clearly takes your brand to the next grade of Productive tactic and push. ProPlus Logics will always cautious about exquisite care towards personalization.


"Best Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore"

ProPlus Logics Digital Marketing Solutions to Set Off a Conversion Drive

Search Engine Optimization

Effective SEO Techniques That will work in 2018

In Coimbatore, we hold a unique digital marketing effort, ProPlus Logics is the best (Search Engine Optimization) SEO company in Coimbatore We work with the best on-page as well as off page optimization that moves to a best SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) results as well as Productive traffic for our clients. In Digital Marketing ProPlus Logics holds a proven SEO strategy So we can make our customer online identity irrespective of search engine whether it be Google, Yahoo or Bing

  • The Best SEO company in Coimbatore
  • The Most Realistic Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Lead Generation and Conversion Based Strategy
  • Unique Focus on Customization and Engagement

Search Engine Marketing

We do a Right Marketing Strategies for your PPC

AdWords is part of Digital Marketing, ProPlus Logics offer a whole range of Search Engine Marketing Services in Coimbatore that includes Online Ads, AdSense, PPC (PAY PER CLICK) and displays advertising. Opposite of organic search, SEM works are paid solution, so ProPlus Logics have a perceptive expertise accounting on keyword management and PPC. SEM will provide an immediate branding and lead generation for precise promotional campaigns and bids.

  • ROI Intensive Strategies
  • Campaigns for Particular Promotions and Events
  • Landing Page & Ad Design
  • Leveraging Search & Ad Networks

Social Media Marketing

We Will make you trendsetter and create a followers

In Digital Marketing Services social media play a vital role, we serve to the specialized Social Media Marketing Coimbatore efforts to exploit over the ever-growing power of social media channel in India like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. ProPlus Logics have invested a valid effort in Social Media Optimization that we make focused towards creating brand awareness and lead generation through social media. Social media always helps to engage an audience that is the important part of the social media marketing. In Coimbatore, we have 50 million social media users in 2018 so as digital marketing company ProPlus Logics will always make a productive use of social media.

  • Raise Your Follower Base
  • Keep The User Engaged
  • Develop Rich Content
  • Track It All to Results

Content Management

We create a unique content according to the purpose

A vital portion of digital marketing in Coimbatore efforts involve good content, on a website or email or tweet, we provide a quality content that speaks about your service or product 24/7. ProPlus Logics always Provide the best unique content for all various usage in digital marketing like websites that will capture the attention of a valuable user who wants to know more about our services/products and the conversion process will be done. ProPlus Logics will carry out an wide research of your niche spectators before script on it. Content Speaks more than the Voice we will make your content strong that will satisfy the search engine bot and humans it will make our digital marketing into a success path.

  • Optimized Copy for the Most Effective Landing Pages
  • Share relevant content across social media
  • Compile case studies for your website
  • Create content for brand’s values and vision

Lead Generation

Lead funnel will be used in right way

It’s a Major ROI process in Digital Marketing Coimbatore apart from SEM and SEO, we offer particular services providing to Lead Generation based upon conversion rate and call-to-action. ProPlus Logics focus on planning and research-based lead generation activities from various digital marketing activities like websites, blogs or applications, WhatsApp Promotion, Online Displays Add,..etc.

  • Quality/Quantity Focused
  • Custom Campaign Strategy
  • Qualified Exclusive Leads
  • Indisputable ROI

Email Marketing

Make your brand to reach all corporates

Another essential portion of digital marketing in Coimbatore contain e-mail marketing. As a digital marketing company in Coimbatore, we need an e-mail marketing campaign is being done as a most on-going and common form of digital marketing for both aspects to drive a web traffic for online marketing and as well as lead generation. We work out the lead generation tasks with sold lists along with the customer database. ProPlus Logics have a wide knowledge in a digital marketing campaign with the use of email marketing.

  • Programmed Lead Nurturing
  • Calls to Action Driven
  • Creative Formatting/Content Development
  • Campaign Management

Online Reputation Management

We will maintain your best identity online

Online identify is important as goodwill in older days what other online users are saying or feeling about you or your business, Many Digital marketing companies are always failed in this pattern because of response time but in ProPlus Logics, we have a specialized digital team to maintain our client’s online reputation in the best way. ProPlus Logics online reputation management Maintain balance, counteracts misleading trends, and guarantees that user find the right content when they focus for you on the internet.

  • Fix your Google results
  • Look you’re best online
  • Boost your visibility
  • Google Analytics

Whatsapp Campaigns

We have a unique whatsapp tool to send unlimited message

WhatsApp users keep on growing if there is a possible way to reach them through a campaign then we have to do it immediately. ProPlus Logics have a specific tool to send an unlimited WhatsApp message to the particular contact. In digital marketing, the WhatsApp will produce good leads and brand awareness. ProPlus Logics helps our clients by using WhatsApp advertising to reach out to valuable target base spectators through Picture, Music, positioned text in our strategic digital method.

  • Creative Formatting / Content Development
  • Conceptualize campaign
  • Campaign Management

Media Buying

We make your outbound marketing strong

ProPlus Logics are into buying advertising space and time for the drive of advertising, where we can place a creative on a website, network group of websites, and displays advertising network for the purpose of Focusing traffic or Expansion of increasing brand awareness. ProPlus Logics will lead you to the right path of investing in digital marketing services.

  • Direct Site Buy
  • Network Buy
  • Self-serve Network Buy
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